Domain Names
for Sale

The following Domain names can be purchased individually at the prices on the right. Discount are available for 1) volume (purchase of several simultaneously), or 2) if you convince me you'll be using it for the purpose suggested.

Why a discount based on purpose? I obtained these domain names primarily to foster a revolution -- capability-based distributed computing -- and only secondarily to make money. This set of names can provide breathing room for many capability oriented projects to make clear both what they're doing and what movement they are a part of. For more on this movement, see

If you're interested in obtaining any of these domains, please contact me.

Base Name Top Level Suggested Purpose $ / each
AnonPay com     Anonymizes payers $9,900
AnonTrade com     Anonymizes both parties to a trade $9,900
BiomedPress com     (I'm holding this for a friend, but I can pass along any offers.) N/A
BlindPay com     Uses cryptographic blinding to anonymize payers $9,900
BlindTrade com     Uses cryptographic blinding to anonymize both parties to a trade $9,900
CapDB com   org A capability-based database $9,900
CapCert com   org Capability-based off-line active invocation certificates, based on CapML $9,900
CapContract com net org Capability-based Smart Contracting $9,900
CapDebug com     A debugger for a capability system $9,900
CapDesk com   org Capability-secure Desktop user interface $9,900
CapDevelop com     A development environment for a capability system $9,900
CapDraw com     A shared collaborative drawing caplet, with POLA-based extensibility $9,900
CapEdit com   org A shared collaborative Notepad-like plain text editor, with POLA-based extensibility $9,900
CapEnterprise com     For marketing capability-based systems to the "enterprise" niche. $9,900
CapFC com     Capability Foundation Classes -- a secure GUI toolkit $9,900
CapGUI com   org A capability-based Graphical User Interface (toolkit?) $9,900
CapIDE com     An Integrated Development Environment for a capability system. $9,900
CapIDL com net org Capability Interface Description Language -- a derivative of Corba IDL for describing the services made available by on a capability. Initially for use in EROS $9,900
Capintosh com     For a gui-intense platform that's capability oriented from top to bottom. $9,900
Caplet com net org Capability-based Applets -- mobile objects with fine-grained security control. Also, my personal home page. $1M
Capmacs com   org A POLA-extensible text editor framework $9,900
CapNotes com   org Capability-based integrated email & collaborative editing. (LotusNotes-like groupware) $9,900
CapMeeting com net org NetMeeting-like, but capability secure, realtime collaboration $9,900
CapMessenger com     Capability-based chat / instant messenger type system. $9,900
CapML com   org Capability Markup Language -- represents Kernel-E parse trees + authorization info (signatures and such) needed to support CapCert. $9,900
CapQL com     Query language for a capability-based database, such as CapDB. $9,900
CapRights com     Capability-based management of electronic Rights $9,900
CapRunner com     Hopefully has nothing to do with hunting replicants. $9,900
CapScript com     Capability-based Scripting Language $9,900
CapSecure com   org Capability-based Security $9,900
CapSharp com net   E or CapScript ported to run on the dot-net platform $1M
CapsiCom com     A Capability-based web server would be (spicy) hot $9,900
CapsiComm com   org A Capability-based web server would be (spicy) hot $9,900
CapSpeak com net   For a capability-based language, network protocol, or a takeoff on E-speak. $9,900
CapTooth com net org Capability-based wireless protocol, preferably layered on BlueTooth. $9,900
CapTP com net org Capability Transport Protocol -- secure on-line protocol for transport messages and capabilities $9,900
CapUI com     A capability-based User Interface (toolkit?) $9,900
CapUnit com     Capability-based unit testing, or unit testing of capability-based systems. $9,900
CapVM com   org A capability secure Virtual Machine, able to support (some) capability secure languages, such as E. $9,900
CapWrite com     A shared collaborative text editor caplet, with POLA-based extensibility $9,900
CapWT com   org Capability Window Toolkit -- a secure GUI toolkit $9,900
Capzilla com   org A capability-oriented web browser $1M
Combex com     Name we're currently incorporated under. Stands for Combination Exchange -- our original business plan. $1M
ERights     org Home of E $1M
ERTP   net org Electronic Rights Transfer Protocol $9,900
Minimal-XML com   org To be donated to the yet-to-be realized standards body for Minimal-XML. N/A
PhilSalin com     Devoted to the writings of Phil Salin N/A
PolaCap com     Principle of Least Authority through Capabilities $9,900
PolaCaps com     Principle of Least Authority through Capabilities $9,900
PolaDesk com     A POLA-oriented desktop $1M
Quasiliteral com   org Supporting extensible literal (and almost literal) data types and match-bind-substitute programming $1M
SafeJ com   org SmallJ extended into the capability secure variant of the Java API seen through E and ELib $1M
SmallML com   org A slight subset of Minimal-XML, with the addition of validity rules in terms of SmallSchema $9,900
Sponster com     Sponsoring artistic works in the post-copyright age -- variants of the Street Performer Protocol. $9,900
VatTP com net org inter-Vat Transport Protocol $9,900